Healthy Eating Tips For Any Diet Plan

Healthy Eating Tips For Any Diet Plan

Getting the family to eat healthily is a difficult task. There are so many ways and concepts of healthy eating that it is difficult to decide which way to eat. Whichever nutritional plan you choose, here are some healthy eating tips that are easy to implement and will apply to the whole family.

Eat from small plates such as salad plates

When my kids started eating table food, I took plastic-sized plates to keep my china. What I didn’t realize was that I would end up eating on the adult version of the small container. It can be not easy to put too much food on a plate. Since I don’t eat from plastic or paper plates, my husband and I eat off salad plates, which are part of our daily dinner service. This small dish idea could, of course, be my husband’s strategy of not cleaning up after dinner.

measure the size of the part by hand

I admire people who weigh and measure food to make sure the amount of food is correct. If my kitchen had scales, my five-year-old would use them for science experiments with wooden blocks, soft toys, and some maple syrup. I’m not the kind of person who has the time, energy, or inclination to measure the amount of food, so I use the following system: The portion size is the size of my fist, and an ounce of something (like cheese) is about that big like my thumb. I use these Guides to help me understand what a good part of food is, but I never believe this method of measurement is an exact science. By the way, if the food can’t be placed on my plate, I may not need it.

 Clean up the kitchen

After dinner, thinking I might still be hungry, sat down for a few minutes to make sure. Some nutritionists suggest it takes 20 minutes for your body to feel full. When did my five-year-old son keep asking, “Are you ready? How long have you waited? Is it three more minutes? Mom, why are you sitting there?”

Since the recommended 20-minute meal is not possible, I have adopted a food preparation strategy that is ‘clean while you walk’. I fixed the correct portion of the healthy food and then put it away. If I’m starving after the first meal, I’ll take the food out and cook more. I may not be hungry, nor do I want to re-clean the kitchen for cleaning. Keeping your body clean and tidy can play a role in maintaining your health.

Listen to your body

In the days when I felt my life was getting out of hand, I was on the point of being unable to sustain my life, and I wanted to sit down. And eat. But I taught myself to ask, “Am I starving?” Ask if your body is full and then listen for the answer. Maybe you are indeed hungry, or you want to drink a glass of cold mineral water and have a newspaper with you in five minutes. Or perhaps you are nervous or anxious and need to sit and breathe.

Eat-in one place at home.

But when I first got married, I ate all the places in the house and left crumbs when I walked around. My husband sent me to the kitchen table and sat on my lap with a napkin. But I realized that by eating in one place, I reduced my diet and enjoyed it more. I now eat alone in our kitchen or with my family. I sit in the chair, put down the fork, put a napkin on the napkin and put a glass of water on the table. How civilized.

Turn off the TV to create an emotionally healthy environment

After giving birth to the second and then the third, my husband and I were tired all day. I convinced him that if I am cautious, I can enjoy healthy meals while watching TV on the couch. We started to park ourselves on the sofa in the family room and eat in front of the TV. We did some work at home, and we had to unplug the TV for a few weeks. Back to the table, we went.

Our conversation at the dinner table got longer and more enjoyable. We eat slowly and enjoy our food. As a mother, when we ate together, I realized my family connection. I know TV is terrible for young children, but I never realized that turning off the TV can create an emotionally healthy environment for the whole family. To this day, I still think turning off the TV is the best secret to healthy eating.

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