How Does Audible Membership Work: What is Audible membership, How does it work, Is it worth signing up for?

How Does Audible Membership Work: What is Audible membership, How does it work, Is it worth signing up for?

Have you ever thought about becoming an audiobook reader? This article covers the basics of Audible membership, including how it works, what audible membership is, and how it functions. It also explores membership types, pricing plans, trial periods, cancellations, and whether or not it’s worth signing up for it.

Find out how to join Audible today and listen to audiobooks and spoken-word audio programs for free!


What is Audible 

It is a subscription service that allows us as a public to join its member offers and enjoy a variety of books, magazines, and other audio content.

Audible’s membership includes three types:

  1. Monthly
  2. Yearly
  3. Gold


You are charged month to month until you cancel. The first month is free, and then it’s $14.95/month after your first free month.


You are charged once a year on the date you sign up. It’s $149.50 for the year (which comes out to $12.46/month). You are charged every year until you cancel.


The Gold membership is Audible’s “best value” membership. You are charged every four months until you cancel. When writing this post, the cost is $22.95/4 months (which comes out to $5.73/month).


What is Audible membership? is a subscription service that delivers over 200,000 audiobooks and spoken-word audio programs. Audible’s objective is to provide listeners with access to a wide range of titles, both fiction and non-fiction, in various genres so that they may enjoy listening to audiobooks on the go. Original content includes new releases as well as classics from famous authors such as the following to name a few:

  • Stephen Fry, Brené Brown
  • James Bible
  • Avery Flynn
  • Travis Beacham
  • James Patterson






How Does Audible Membership Work / How Does Audible Plan Work?

Choose the audible strategy best suited for you, sign up for an audible account, or join the service. There are different membership plans that you need to choose from:

There are also additional membership options that are added on top of them. Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial. There is a 30-day trial for the audible period, but you will not be charged if you cancel before then.

If you decide to stay, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee of $7.95 for the plus plan or $14.95 for the premium plan.

After signing up for your membership, you can explore the website or app and pick from over 200,000 titles to download and listen to them.

Click “Add to Cart” after discovering a title you’d like to hear, and follow the instructions to purchase. After you buy the audiobook, audible will add your purchase to your library. You can then stream or download it at any time.

Audible Plus 

With this membership plan, you may stream and download unlimited audiobooks to your smartphone or computer for one low price. Through an enormous library that comprises over 68,000 hours of material and 11,000 titles from across the content spectrums, it allows members more options. including:

  • Unlimited access to the audible plus catalog
  • Audible originals
  • Documentaries
  • Audiobooks
  • Comedy
  • Sleep tracks
  • Journalism
  • Podcast
  • Meditation programs

You may also sync your audiobooks across devices using the Audible Cloud software. You’ll receive special pricing and early access to forthcoming titles and sales events.

Audible Premium Plus

The Audible premium Plus plan is a good value, with all of the perks of the regular program plus one more: human actors can read audiobooks. This implies that you may read your favorite novels in a new and unique way. You get access to premium selection titles:

  • All in the library in the audible plus
  • Include new releases
  • Classic titles
  • Bestsellers
  • Special sales
  • Promotions
  • 30% discount on additional titles
  • Access to exclusive sales
  • One selection title per month
  • For every month you choose to pay for the subscription, you’ll get one credit.

There are three additional audible subscriptions and additional credits under the premium plus plan with extra costs.

Audible Subscriptions

The audible cost or monthly subscription for them are as follows:

  •  Premium Plus Membership 2 Credits at the monthly plan costs $22.95 per month.
  • Premium Plus Annual Membership 12 Credits at the annual plan costs $149.50 per year.
  • Premium Plus Annual Membership 24 Credits at the yearly plan costs $229.50 per year.

These Audible prices with the additional cost are done for extra credits and saving on the overall fees.

How Does Audible Compare to Other Services?

Audible is one of the most well-known audiobook providers on the market. It has a fantastic choice of titles and an easy-to-use interface, and several membership options to choose from them.

Some of its main competitors include:

  • Apple Books
  • Google Play Books
  • Barnes & Noble’s Nook Audiobooks
  • Kobo Audiobooks
  • iTunes Audiobooks

These are all fantastic audiobook providers that provide a variety of services. It’s based on what you want from an audiobook service and your requirements.

Audible is an excellent alternative for those who want an extensive range of titles, simple streaming and downloading, and unique perks.

You can listen to audible audiobooks on iOS, Windows, Android devices, Kindle, or another Alexa-enabled device, so it’s like having your little library with you.

Audible Credits to Your Account

If you’re a premium plus member, you’ll receive Audible credits per month, depending on the premium plan you picked. You may then use your credits to purchase your favorite book or other audiobooks and subscriptions.

The unused credits roll over every month until they expire after 12 months from the issue date. When you sign up for Audible, you may get an extra monthly credit to use at your discretion if you have Amazon Prime.

Audible subscribers on a premium plus membership can also choose to return or exchange a book within 365 days from the date of purchase for any reason.

Is Audible Membership Worth Signing Up For It?

That’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. It has several advantages, including downloading audiobooks to your phone and listening to them whenever you want, and the opportunity to sample the Audible trial period.

If you’re a book lover who enjoys listening to audio books and wants a simple method to access many titles, Audible audiobooks are worth signing up for them.

However, if you don’t mind reading books on paper or listening to audiobooks only occasionally, a subscription may not be necessary. You can cancel your membership at anytime and without cost.

What Benefits Come With Audible Membership?

The availability of an extensive range of audiobooks, the ability to download audiobooks to your phone and listen to them at any time, and more are just a few of the advantages of Audible membership.

You may also try out the audible membership service for free during the trial period to see if it’s right. Audible users have access to the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, podcasts, exclusive originals, and more.

What are the disadvantages of Audible membership?

You may not be able to obtain all of your favorite books on Audible because not all titles are available as an audiobook.

Another disadvantage of Audible is signing up for a yearly membership to obtain reduced rates. Furthermore, some individuals may find reading physical books more enjoyable than listening to them as audible books.

Because actors read Audible books, you won’t have the same experience reading a book yourself.

Audible isn’t likely to be the finest choice if you’re searching for a method to listen to audiobooks without paying for each volume.

Sometimes you must go through many books to discover something that might pique your interest. You won’t be aware of all the books before you read or hear about them.

Therefore, you must scan through many headings, cover pages, or even images of hundreds of books before making your selection. It’s simple and more effective when you know the book you want to obtain because you can key it into the search bar.

You might not be able to listen to a book if it’s been out for a long time, but you can still subscribe to an audiobook service. The month-end is approaching, and so is your audiobook subscription service.

Audible Audiobooks

What are some of the best titles available through Audible?

Here are some of the best titles available or best-selling book through Audible. We listed some book titles, author, and narrator:

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Book 5 by: J.K. Rowling Narrated by: Jim Dale
  • Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen Fry – introductions Narrated by: Stephen Fry
  • Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen Narrated by: Rosamund Pike
  • Atomic Habits An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones By James Clear Narrated by: James Clear
  • Impact Winter by: Travis Beacham Narrated by: entire cast.
  • The Holy Bible: King James Version The Old and New Testaments By King James Bible Narrated by: Scott Brick, Prentice Onayemi, Ellen Archer, and others
  • Dune by: Frank Herbert Narrated by: Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, and others
  • The Widow by: K. L. Slater Narrated by: Lucy Price-Lewis
  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir Narrated by: Ray Porter
  • New Classic Edition by: George Orwell Narrated by: Simon Prebble
  • Sebastian York is the sheessnit By Ana on 12-01-21 Anna Karenina by: Leo Tolstoy Narrated by: Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Book 5 J.K. Rowling Atlas of the Heart Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience By: Brené Brown Narrated by: Brené Brown.

Impact Winter By Travis Beacham Narrated by: entire cast From executive producers of The Walking Dead and Travis Beacham, the writer of Pacific Rim, comes a heart-stopping Audible Original featuring a brilliant British cast.

Audible offers a wide selection of audiobooks in multiple genres, so you’re sure to find something that interests you. Originals are also offered at a discount price.

Subscription Service

Can I cancel my Audible membership plan after joining?

Yes, you can cancel it by visiting the “Account Details” page on the website and clicking on the Cancel Membership button. However, please note that you will lose access to all of your audiobooks if you cancel your membership.

Do I have to commit for any period of time? 

No, you don’t need to commit for any specific period of time. You can cancel your membership if you feel that you are not happy about the platform.

Is there anything else I should know about canceling my Audible membership plan?

Yes, there are a few things that you need to take note of before canceling your audible subscription. Calm down there are no cancellation fees on any Audible membership plans. You can read all about it by clicking here!

Return Policy

Can I return my book?

Yes, according to the audible return policy, you can return your book within 365 days of purchase, on a new narrator or story without losing a credit, or return titles purchased in error. You must also be in a premium plus membership.

Audible reserves the right to monitor returns for any abuse, such as the following:

  • Frequent return of titles after prolonged listening
  • Excessive returns
  • Returns of multiple titles at a time

In instances where Audible find return privileges are being misused, Audible reserves the right in its sole discretion to limit the number of returns allowed by each member, including, but not limited to, the loss of return privileges.

Customers who cancel or fail to maintain their membership in good standing are not eligible to make returns. Audible may cancel or modify the terms of our returns policy concerning any or all participants.

It would be best if you went through the audible return policy with a fine comb because it is a lot and very vague at some points.

Amazon Prime members

Amazon Audible

They can also get Audible membership for $14.95 per month, which gives them two selection titles per month. As an Amazon customer, you get everything on premium Plus memberships.

Amazon Audible members have access to the same titles as premium selection purchases, with more being added every day. They also receive free shipping on eligible items.

As an Amazon customer, you can use your Amazon account to purchase books from If you already have a Kindle device or other eReader, you can download the Audible app to listen to your readers.

What’s the difference between Audible and Amazon Prime?

Both offer significant benefits. With Audible, you can choose from over 200,000 titles, including thousands of unabridged audio versions. It’s easy to search, browse, and discover new authors. And when you buy through Audible, you can borrow one book a week for free.

With Amazon Prime, you get unlimited, ad-free streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes, plus free, fast delivery on millions of eligible items sold by

On-demand, you can even stream shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black.

 Is Audible Free With Prime?

No, Audible is not free with Prime. You can start by signing up for a 30-day free Audible trial and receive one audiobook credit.


Audible membership offers a convenient way to listen to audiobook files while commuting, working out, or doing chores. You can download them onto any android, iOS device, windows, and then use them to listen to your audio whenever you need to at your leisure.

I hope this article helped you understand how audible memberships work and what is included in the membership. If you enjoy listening to audiobooks and want easy access to a significant premium selection of titles, then Audible is worth signing up for it.

However, if you don’t mind reading an actual book on paper or only listening to audiobooks occasionally, a subscription may not be necessary.



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