5 Fitness Foods That Provide Healthy Fats

5 Fitness Foods That Provide Healthy Fats

A healthy diet is essential for a good exercise plan. What you eat, even a well thought out and perfectly executed fitness program can achieve or destroy your goals. However, contrary to popular belief, fat shouldn’t be avoided when building your fitness food list. But to be clear: there are only healthy fats.

Here are five ways to correctly deliver the goods:

1. Wild salmon

Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fats, proteins and antioxidants in animals, which are essential for nutrition and health. Due to the environmental pollution of many fish feeding grounds, we have to take into account the possible toxic pollution of these fish. This is especially true of farmed salmon. Corruption in the skin and fat of the fish, so I do not recommend eating this part of the fish under any circumstances. Wild is the best choice and should be in any fitness diet.

2. Avocado

This fruit is very rich in fats, which are quickly burned for energy. Many people use carbohydrates during exercise, but they use sugar, which is a source of excess fat in our body. People usually eat too many carbohydrates, although from a biological point of view, although they are necessary, our needs are minimal. Today’s Western diet is high in carbohydrates. If we cut carbohydrates as much as possible, we should replace them with high-quality fats such as avocado. Also, they contain a lot of potassium and little fructose.

3. Eggs

Especially if the eggs are free-range eggs, the eggs contain healthy saturated fat and cholesterol. It is an important protein source, making it excellent for exercise. Another factor in their health benefits is the way they cook eggs. It turned out that the more they were cooked, the greater the antioxidant loss.

4. Chicken

Likewise, like almost all healthy natural foods, the way they are prepared will determine if you lose your nutritional value. Chicken fillet is the leanest but is rich in quality protein and essential amino acids, which can promote muscle growth and maintenance. But this can only be breast meat. If you compare individually grilled chicken fillets with beef and baked skin in batter, the fat content increased about six times. This isn’t the healthy fat we’re looking.

5. Coconut oil

Simple carbohydrates are usually substances we use for instant energy. As mentioned earlier, there are too many unwanted side effects. Coconut oil is the richest source of healthy fatty acids called MCFS that nature must provide. Coconut oil is a better option for quick energy than carbohydrates or sugar.

People have the wrong impression that when you eat fat, it becomes fat in your body. This could be the case with the wrong type of fat or quickly processed foods that are not solid foods. Eating foods is to their natural state as possible will provide the best health and fitness benefits.

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