Healthy Meal of the Week 9 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Healthy Meal of the Week 9 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Healthy Meal: Grilled lemon chicken, corn on the cob, and salad

Healthy Leftovers: Chicken Tacos

This is a healthy and easy way to enjoy lemon-grilled chicken and corn on the cob with a delicious salad. Eating less than 400 calories isn’t a bad idea. As a healthy leftover meal, you can make healthy chicken tortillas from any leftover chicken and take them with you the next day.

As usual, try adding beverages to meals that have near-zero calories, such as water, black coffee, or green tea, so as not to increase the calories wasted by hundreds of calories, nor to destroy what had such great potential in the first place.

Required material

-Cooked corn stew
-Chicken safe oven
-Spatula for the leftover quesadilla

Ingredients (6-8 servings)

-2 pounds boneless chicken breast
-4 corn (with or without husk)
-Save / green choice
-2 lemons
-Salad dressing
-Spices: salt, pepper, pasta, garlic powder

For the other chicken tacos:

-corn cake
-Snacks (hot sauce)


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

2. Place the chicken to be cooked in an ovenproof pan. To marinate the chicken and add spices, use a fork to pierce the meat repeatedly and add the seasonings of your choice such as salt, pepper, garlic powder and of course plenty of lemon juice. Cook the chicken several times on both sides.

3. After finishing, place the used lemon zest directly on the top and side of the chicken nuggets. Cooking time for the chicken is about an hour, but after 40 minutes you should turn the pieces over so that both sides of the chicken can cook well.

4. While cooking the chicken, in addition to cutting carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, or other types of fixatives for salads that you want to use thinly or cut into pieces, you may also want to cook to enjoy it by adding vegetables. Wash and cut. Salad. Remember to use fat-free Italian herbs or light oil and vinegar to keep the calorie content as low as possible.

5. Boil three cups of corn water on the corncob. When the water heats up, and you bought corn with shells, remove the covers and rinse them thoroughly. To keep the portion size appropriate and make it easier to pack the travel lunch, you may need to cut the corn on the cob in half for easier handling and storage. After boiling, add the corn on the cob and cook for about 15 minutes. You can add a few drops of herb salt and a tablespoon of butter if needed.

6. After cooking, give an appropriate portion and enjoy!

Leftover Ideas: As for tortillas, the two ingredients to be careful with are the type of tortilla and the cheese you’re using. Flour tortillas are the unhealthiest food, each tortilla contains about 120 calories, meaning tortillas have 240 calories to make tortillas. However, if you opt for corn, you will find that the two tortillas have only 80 calories in total. So for this healthy leftover, two tortillas were used.

The cheese used is shredded, defatted mozzarella cheese. If you compare low-fat milk to low-fat milk, you will find that the difference in calories per 1 ounce is about 60 calories. If you only eat low-fat cheese, you will find that the flavour is insufficient, but if it is mixed with tortillas and other foods, you really won’t miss that much.

These quesadillas consist of some corn that is removed from the cob by aiming the corn at the end of the cob and then cutting the corn kernels into small spoons with a knife to remove the corn gently. Place a tortilla on a skillet (medium heat), then add cheese, diced chicken, a few chopped lettuce, cheese, and a few bites of the famous Tapatio spout. Top with another piece of tortilla and gently flip every few minutes until both sides are brown and the cheese has melted. If you use a spatula to put another clean hand on it, you can keep everything together when you turn to the other side.

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