7 Ways to Lose Weight

7 Ways to Lose Weight

This article discusses how to find out our basic metabolism (BMR) and the number of calories you need per day, and how to lose weight by combining sensible eating and healthy exercise.

These are 7 ways to lose weight.

1. Know your condition and retain heat.

You must know 2 values. The first is the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the number of calories your body burns regardless of what you do without sleeping or what you do. The second value is the number of calories you need for daily activities. The more active your lifestyle, the greater the difference between these two values; and if you only adopt a normal sedentary lifestyle, the difference between these two values ​​is the smallest.

Once you know these numbers, you will know how to plan your diet and exercise.

2. Cut out all sugar products.

No sugary drinks and juices. Have coffee or black tea. A high-sugar diet can cause insulin resistance, which hinders the body’s ability to burn fat

3. Eat fresh

Avoid processed foods high in fat and high in salts, such as ham, bacon, and hot dogs. Eat foods that are as fresh as possible, especially lots of green vegetables. My favorites are lettuce and cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumbers.

Eat more protein and carbohydrates in vegetables and less starchy carbohydrates such as pasta

4. Eat more protein in chicken breast and salmon. Reduce pasta, rice, and starch sauce intake

Another good soy sauce is made from nuts. Nuts without salt for about a day, such as hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews, would be a good choice.

5. 1 hour a day of aerobic exercise

At least one hour a day on an exercise bike or threaded car. An hour a day helps you burn about 500 calories.

6. Suppress the appetite. Eat only 80% of the food

Many people run into this obstacle. In the modern world, the intake of some foods is always greater than the intake that the human body needs and the food we end up eating exceeds the intake that the human body needs, so the excess food ends up being stored as fat. As time has passed, our body has become accustomed to larger and larger parts. Even if we eat more calories than our body needs, we will still be hungry and keep eating. Therefore, starting with just 80% of whole foods can help reduce appetite. That’s why point 1 is so important. Know how much our body needs so that we can stop eating even when we’re hungry.

In the early stages, you can fill up on fruits like guava, which are rich in dietary fiber, which will help you avoid hunger. After a while, you no longer feel like the reduced intake. I always make a guava snack, cut into guava in apple cider vinegar so I can snack whenever I want to eat.

Make sure not to sacrifice proteins. Women need 45 grams of protein per day, while men need 55 grams of protein.

7. Choose a high-intensity exercise and play at least once a week

If you are interested in sports, you can participate at least once a week. This can help burn a few more hundred calories per week.

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