What’s the best blender in 2020 – Things to consider before buying a blender

If you are looking for a new blender for yourself or a gift for someone, it is your duty to get the best blender. When you want to eat healthily, you need to have a blender. Blenders play a vital role in those committed to eating and living healthy, even for foodies.

A blender will save you money, effort, and time in the long run. There are many shakes, smoothies’ you can prepare in just a small amount of time with your blender.

The good and best blender should process most of what so-called tough items with easy, i.e., ice, frozen fruits, etc.

After months of research amongst hundreds of blenders and manufacturers, sales sites to answer your question of what’s the best blender in 2020 and save you time. We finally got the list to you below:

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If you are looking for a new blender for yourself or a gift for someone, it is your duty to get the best blender. When you want to eat healthily, you need to have a blender. Blenders play a vital role in those committed to eating and living healthy, even for foodies.



The model 5200 was introduced in 2007; thus, it’s associate degree older style; however, its exceptional sturdiness and quality are thoroughly tested by thousands of patrons. It remains one of the foremost standard high-end models, although Vitamix has started with quite twenty new models since 2007. The ultra-popular Vitamix 5200 blenders are a mixing powerhouse and a top-selling model within the Vitamix gift series. The 5200 1st discharged in 2007; thus, it’s associate degree older style; however, its exceptional sturdiness and quality were thoroughly tested by thousands of patrons.

The 2-power unit motor produces loads of mixing power; it got ten variable speed choices. They built an incredible selection if you’re within the marketplace for a brilliant, reliable, high-end machine.

The Vitamix 5200 works alright for smoothies’, soups, sauces, frozen desserts, nut butter, crushed ice, thick icing, whole grain flours, and juices. This blender works systematically at any time you employ it. It is safe and straightforward to control, cleaning it is easy and comes with a pleasant warrant from Vitamix.


The 5200 makes superb vegetable and fruit drinks in just seconds. It pulverizes powerful ingredients, together with cored pineapples, cored apples, carrots, avocado seeds, and blueberry and strawberry seeds.

It is excellent for crushing frozen fruits or ice. Use the high-speed mode, and you’ll have the simplest fruit sherbet, snow cones, ice cream, and yogurt. Use the tamper to knock down your frozen ingredients. The Vitamix 5200 will handle frozen and ice ingredients with none side liquid.

The incredible speed varies, and low-speed revolutions per minute make it easier for the liquidizer to organize dip, salad, and condiment dressings. It may chop and mince onions, carrots, and even cabbage.



If you’re searching for an affordable blender for basic applications, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function blenders is also a decent possibility. Designed to crush ice and to mix robust ingredients. It options a munificently sized 40-ounce glass mixing jar additionally to Hamilton Beach’s proprietary Ice Sabre blends.

However, what very sets it, excluding the competition, is that the unique Wave Action system helps to tug ingredients down into the crushing blades. What sets this model from excluding others is that the indisputable fact that it is 12 functions and Pulse.

The jar itself was created from BPA-free glass and dishwasher-safe for straightforward cleanup. The housing comes with wire storage as well. The motor provides 700 watts of power base with twelve mixing functions and stainless steel ice crushing blades. With correct use and improvement, this product will last well past the warranty.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender 


NutriBullet makes a number of the foremost conventional blenders on the market. They’re all pretty sensible; however, every model is entirely different. The remedy 12-Piece High-Speed model is at the higher-end of the company’s line of business. It will chop, grind, shred, and blend.

The instrumentality system here is more personalized than different models. For example, there’s no removal and cleansing middle for families wherever every member prefers completely different smoothies’ and shakes. There’s no need for extra cups or glasses, as every mixing cup fits utterly.

The Magic NutriBullet blender has a 600-watt power base, a durable plastic body, and the parts are dishwasher safe. It comes with three cups. It is the curative NutriBullet among the best models to control. It is straightforward and safe for youths to use.

To create a smoothie, add the specified ingredients into the cup – greens, fruits, and the rest you wish. Add the liquid and convey it up to the marker line on your container to stop any outflow, whereas mixing. Finally, screw the blade on the cup for protection, and you’re done. The engine is quiet; that may be a relief.

Ninja mega kitchen system blender


It has a three-cup mini prep bowl, which sets right inside the 8-cup processor bowl. It correctly serves the purpose of chopping and mincing small batches of food. You can create sauces and dressings.

It has a 1500-watt motor, mini stainless-steel blades. Useful in crushing ice, frozen fruits, and different foods.

It is versatile as it works for both food processors and a smoothie blender. It comes with food process bowls, sixty-four and twenty-four oz, making it attainable to combine different ingredients. It is fitted with sturdy blades that let it crush fruits and raw vegetables in no time to give juice or smoothies’.

It is straightforward to put the jar at the bottom of the blender. It is straightforward to put and take away its lids. All components of the blender are dishwasher safe.

Oster Texture Select Pro Blender with 6-Program Settings 


It comes with three different texture setting, where you’ll choose between: Thin, Medium and Thick. It offers you far more uses and two On-The-Go Cups. In terms of appearance, the appliance is sleek and trendy with a stainless-steel end. The build quality is another thing to understand, as Oster could be a leading name in practical room tools.

Then there’s conjointly the handy smoothie cup that comes enclosed. This cup can create on the go meals that are so accessible. Use the container to hold your smoothies with no spillage.

With three completely different reprogrammed settings, creating completely different foods becomes implausibly simple.

This appliance encompasses a well-designed blade system for higher results. The dual-direction technology implies that this product blends in each forward and reverse. This handy feature permits the ingredients to flow down into the blade a lot easier for drum sander and more well-blended results.

The spectacular blades are more extensive than different Oster products. This jar is totally dishwasher safe and incredibly sturdy, creating cleansing up a breeze. Either pop it within the dishwasher or hand wash it.

Blendtec total blender 


The Blendtec Total blender adds in what you tend to eat, drink, and will have a significant influence on your health. Many people are turning to blenders rather than delay in ineffective supplements and furor diet programs. You’ll be able to build a large variety of healthy delicacies’ reception with the press of a button. Throw the ingredients into the jar and mix it away. It’s convenient, easy, and super fast.

Blendtec is a very versatile blender that just about will it all. With such a strong motor and blade, Blendtec engineers were required to make sure that the bottom unit was extraordinarily durable. They’ve done a decent job thereupon, the bottom feels significant, and also, the blender doesn’t move around once mistreatment it.

For additional mixing power, you’ll be able to use the heartbeat perform. You’ll be able to mix smoothies, juices, soups, baby food, yogurt, and frozen dessert. You’ll be able to conjointly prepare salsas, cappuccinos, sauces, dressings, nut butter, and hummus. This machine is excellent for combination, grinding, pureeing, dough creating, and mixing.

Why choose a blender over a juicer and food processor?

A blender processes the entire fruit or vegetable together with the fiber. Blending makes a thicker drink (usually called a smoothie) that takes longer to digest. You continue to get all the nutrients at a slower pace. It satisfies your craving and leaves you feeling fuller for an extended period.

A liquidizer processes everything you place into it; there’s no fibrous pulp to be thrown away at the top. If you’re disquieted about the ‘waste’ once employing a juicer, then a liquidizer would possibly feel easier.


A blender could be a machine with a rotating metal blade at the lowest. You’ll place any fruit or vegetables to combine, emulsify or perhaps juice them. You’ll even crush the ice with it.

Advantages of Using a Blender:


The first and most common use of a blender is to make juice or shake or drinks etc. All you would like to do is slice the fruits you like and place them inside the blender. Offer them an associate degree honest combine, and your healthy drink is ready.

It is necessary to consume fruits for health reasons, but most people can’t produce it daily. Blending makes it easy to meet your daily nutrition you need. You place all the fruit and or vegetables you’d like and make a cocktail in just a few seconds or minutes.

Blending makes it easier for busy moms, working parents, healthy lifestyle living, etc.

Vegetable cocktail:

It isn’t forever accomplishable in our busy lives to have a full plate of ancient dishes daily; don’t worry. Blenders got your back.

You will be ready to cut most of your favorite fruits and vegetables and blend right along. Blenders will help to have all the nutrition of the vegetables in one go. By this will boot save loads of time and money.

Nagging with kids about uptake vegetables is every parents’ daily routine as youngsters can usually be meticulous about the vegetables. Combining some vegetables is a solution to this downside. Blending can balance the nutrition gap of your youngsters.


We all comprehend the goodness of smoothies’. And using a blender is the foremost convenient method of constructing smoothies’ reception. Merely adding the ingredients associated with their daily need provides them with an honest combination for one or two fruits. Presently hardly sit back and luxuriate in your healthy and delicious smoothies’ reception.


Making milkshake reception isn’t potential with a blender. So merely place the milk, cream, ice, and various ingredients into the blender to make your favorite milkshake.

Keeping nutrition intake:

Using a blender for juicing instead of a juicer has some extra blessings. Juicer will extract the juice from fruits, a feat all the pulps. Juicing, you are just wasting all the fiber and metal gifts inside the fruits.

On the other hand, if you use a blender in place of a juicer, you will be ready to have the whole fruit because nothing wasted any fiber of it. This will keep all the nutrition of the food well-balanced.


Blending is the foremost time-saving area tool out there. All you’ve got need to try to do is press the button. Doing that can help you produce juice, salad, and smoothies’ in less time than any manual procedure.

Maintain sugar level:

It maintains sugar levels of blood as a result of it doesn’t waste the ingredient’s fiber, so the sugar is to boot well-balanced in drinks created inside the blender. In a blender, there is no sugar added; it is pure fruits and or vegetables.

Blending the spices:

Another use of a blender is to crush the spices into powder or paste. You will be ready to powder your spices and replace the search bought spices with it. You will be ready to produce them into a fine paste if needed.

Making luscious sauces:

You can produce sauces into a liquidizer reception, including vogue, even on top of the search bought.

From pasta sauce, flavoring to dressing, you will be ready to produce everything in no time at the side of your area blender. You will be ready to create any sauce with the help of your mixer in real-time.

Crashing the ice:

You can merely crush ice at the side of your blender, but certify your blender’s jar can withstand that. Presently you will be ready to use crushed ice on prime of your juice or any drink.

Easy to clean:

Most are effortless to disassemble the blender parts. You will be ready to wash it inside the sink at the side of your regular dish soap and water.

What are things to consider before buying a blender?

It doesn’t facilitate that blenders will vary widely in almost every class, together with size, speed, and strength. Blenders will vary in size; it’s vital to decide on the correct one. If space for storing a priority, it’d be a decent plan to decide on a compact, single-serve liquidizer.

Think About Speed and Power, creating a paste and crushing ice.

Speed: Explore for blenders with between three and ten-speed settings. But three won’t provide you with enough management, and over ten settings aren’t necessary. Having a pulse button is essential, though

Power: Five hundred watts are mostly enough for regular blender employment. Creating milkshakes and mixing smoothies’ could be an immense consideration getting the correct machine.


Whether you’re buying a brand-new liquidizer for yourself or as a present for a lover or beloved, it’s necessary to understand you’re obtaining quality for the money. We all know that not most are willing to drop many bucks on one home appliance. We’ve compiled this list of the seven high blenders on the market to aid you in selecting the one that’s best for your desires and budget.

A perfect blender should fit in perfectly according to your pocket, kitchen, and reliable and efficient for you to use.

The FAQ for blenders

Are expensive blenders worth it?

The costlier the liquidizer, the higher the standard of materials and labor employed in making one that means it’ll last longer and cannot break. Some expensive blenders come with a very high number of warranty years when compared to the cheap ones. The warranties for expensive blenders go up to 7-years while some cheap blenders hardly reach a 2-years warranty.

Does the wattage of blenders matter?

The higher the power, the easier it is for the blender to cut. If you’re searching for a super sleek mixing of tricky things like rice, vegetables, and grains, buy the very best power you’ll be able to afford.

What to make with your blender?

You can make a list of things with your blender, including pancake+waffle batter, milkshakes, peanut butter, soups, sauces, etc.

How can you clean the blender?

The most straightforward method to clean the blenders is with dish soap. Add simply a drop of dish soap. Activate the mixer: place the blender pitcher back on the bottom and hold the lid down with a towel.

Activate the mixer and let it run for about ten to fifteen seconds. Pour out the freshwater and rinse: Rinse out the blender totally with a lot of clean water.

What is the best blender for smoothies’?

The list of blenders in the article above all is the best blenders that can make smoothies’.

The Best blender overall?

It has the best reviews, is VITAMIX 5200.

The best blender for crushing ice?

The best blender which can crush ice and any frozen food product is Blendtec Total Blender.

Budget-friendly blender?

Vitamix 5200


In Conclusion

There are many choices for quality, sturdy machines on the market at a low price. There also are many choices for professional-grade devices at amazingly high prices! Take the time to assess your budget and your wants before creating a sale. It is your decision on which blenders are the best fit for your need, but ensure that you choose the one you can afford at the end of the day.

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  3. Every family needs such a tool. It is not only good for health, but it is also an indispensable tool for making food. Yesterday was Women’s Day. In this period, we are at home except at work in the company. Every day is a two-point line. I cooked the rose steamed bread to celebrate Women’s Day. I use pumpkin puree and vegetable juice, these two ingredients need a tool to process. The blender is more useful than the juicer or a food processor.
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  4. Nowadays, blenders are part of a kitchen room. It is easier to process foods and turn fruits to juices easily. It takes the laborious mentality of food preparation out. It simplifies our way to attain healthy eat

    The pricey Viatmix 5200 is top of the line and its versatility is beyond compare. This is ideal for large family or anyone who is into the real deal of staying healthy. Mostly, juicers will stay in the average of $70 – $100 that would do the job.

    I have a Magic Bullet that my son gifted me. It does the job perfectly well for my needs.

    Amazon is the best online store to purchase these items. Most guarantees are available: from returns, to item warranty and fast delivery.

    This review gave me a bird’s eye view on my next purchase.

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    1. Vitamix makes durable machines and they do as they are described. When the time comes you know where to go what to get. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Prior to reading this article, I thought the Nutribullet was the ultimate blender. However, I like the way you have shared the advantages of each item as well as the additional information on how blending preserves the fibre in the final product. Thanks too on the clarification on the price vs durability comparison. The cheaper options are always more tempting to purchase but a machine that can meet the home’s daily blending and stand the test of time ought to be considered despite the initial cost.

    We are Blessed.

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  9. I used to think that a blender is just a blender and they all did the same thing and gave the same results. My last purchase only had four speeds, and I had to blend my fruits and vegetables over and over to get the right mixture. Well, after spending an evening with a friend and watching her use her high speed blender turn her vegetables (fibre and all) into a smooth blend in no time at all, I realised that I deserved better. Thank you for this review and careful explanations of the differences directing me to choose.

    1. JJ

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  10. Thanks for your Review of Blenders. Over the years I have used an Oster, a Hamilton Beach, and a Magic Bullet.I found the Magic Bullet to be more compact to sit on my smaller kitchen counter. I lived in a larger home with more counter space when I had the Oster and Hamilton Beach.

    I have envied those with a Vitamix, as I have heard that they work very well. The more expensive blenders are probably more durable and I would not have had to replace the other ones, if I started out with a blender with a more powerful motor.

    Thanks again for your review.

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