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Hello, good people; my name is Lucky.

Welcome to Turn to be Health website. where we are going to explore the “Lifestyle of Healthy Living slowly.”

I like reading and researching healthy living and alternative ways of living a healthy lifestyle other than relying on medication for a year now ever since I found out that there are more dangerous prescription drugs.

You can see the recent post “Doctors are supposed to heal, not harm their patients. But sometimes doctors inadvertently cause harm by prescribing drugs, which can have dangerous side effects, be addictive, or even be lethal. This article details five of the most deadly prescription drugs, which outrank the death toll of even the most deadly recreational drugs, such as heroin and cocaine” You can read the full article: https://www.verywellmind.com/most-deadly-prescription-drugs-4083005

I started to research and learning about Healthier lifestyles after My Mother was having issues with her bone “Osteoporosis,” where she was going in and out of the public hospital without getting help. Through that struggle, she was using prescribed medications, but the issue, instead of getting better, seemed as if it is getting worse. A few people told me that the human body is capable of healing itself if it is well-taken care by eating the right food.

I could see that she was struggling more than she can explain to me, but there was nothing I could do to help her to recover from her sickness.

During this period, I have gained extreme information that food can do as much as prescription drugs or more if you eat the correct one, at the correct frequency, cooked correctly, and the right amount. There were times in my life where they were staying tired, feeling weak, etc..

I had been going in and out of the hospital, so as some of the family members. But since I started to follow a healthy living lifestyle, through diet, I can now see a big difference in my life and those that followed.

That is the reason I created this site to help everyone like yourself to stop being frustrated and start living your healthy life without prescription drugs. You achieve maximal health through healthy diet and exercise regimes. All that it will take is for you to listen and follow as I will be leading the way about what I have discovered over the years through my own “trial and error” experiments.

I also ask that if I ever say anything that captures your interest that you get involved within my site. I love to talk about health, dieting, and if you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do speak up. I love feedback in every form.

Here is Me on a “Nutshell”

I am currently 42 years old. My height is 168cm / about 5.5ft, weight is 76.4kg / about 168lbs. You can see my BMI calculator below.

Turn To Be Healthy
Know yourself first to start turning your lifestyle around to better health.

To me, weight is not essential though, health is. You can be 45.3kg or about 100lbs and unhealthy, and you can be 240lbs and very healthy, so the # of kgs (or stones or lbs) that you weigh is not the real litmus test. There are other measurements that you should be using to define your health, one of the most important beings how you feel and what you can accomplish on your own.

I have also tried just about most foods and prescription drugs advertised. Not because I never succeed at diets and certain prescription drugs but quite the contrary. I will power, but I do tend to fall out and lose interest over time as most prescription drugs are not sustainable. That is why the term “lifestyle” is much better, and if you can achieve a healthy lifestyle, then you have the game mastered.

I heard about Organic Food. I realized that I need to change My Health to better. I started to research more about Organic Food and Organic Medication.

That’s where I found out that this is the life I am choosing for myself and my family. After that, I introduced My Mother to the Organic Medication, first believing that she will get better, then I started to cut here a bit from junk food. Indeed, Her life turns to better. I didn’t have enough money to entirely go organic on food and medication for myself and my whole family, but I manage to cut a lot of the harmful food and medicines to our health.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle for your benefit

Our lives depend on us, and it depends on what we take-in. With the experience that my mother and I went through, I realized that if we had known about this earlier, we should have become better sooner.

It is better to equip your body with the right ammunition in-time before the fight begins; even when it had started, you still got a chance to overcome it when you use the well researched (right) Organic medication and food.

They Say Prevention is Better Than Cure.

If you get a lifestyle that is one of health, your mental and physical state will be one of sheer awesomeness! I can assure you that when your body is healthy, your brain usually follows. That is because when you run your body on clean fuel, and you give your body regular use, it runs efficiently, and it is a happy system as a whole.

The more people get healthier understanding, the better our society will become. We need to educate each other to get better and have a longer life span. Turning to Organic Food and Medication will make your life better.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding your health and exercise regime, I would be more than happy to connect. Leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with the crazy “ideas” and “information” that I come across that I know you will find interesting.

I wish all the best on your way to turning to Healthy living, and I thank you for dropping by.

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If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lucky Thomo

Founder of: Turn To Be Healthy

email.  info@turntobehealthy.com

About the author

Welcome to turntobehealthy.com – a Blog that focuses on spreading the healthy way of living and save money in the in the process.

My name is Lucky Thomo and I’m currently employed full time and do Blogging part-time, wishing to go blogging full-time in the future. I'm more into health and fitness with this website. I do research on my spare time and also introduced a the way of living and eating into my family.

I just started recently with make money online website that will help i.e.: stay home moms, people that want to earn extra cash on the side etc.

In 2019 I stumbled upon a YouTube Video about ‘Blogging’. I was at first, because there are too much scams out there. I was give a free 7 (Seven) days no question's asked if I want to cancel.

I start a personal blog on the free seven days where I’ve went deeper in the Healthy and Fitness industry. After that free seven days I decided to go-on and paid to continue with the programs because I saw a value in the platform. I continued like that ever since. I’ve learned many things from the experience of the platform that I joined.

My blogs is growing steadily in popularity and authority. I started as a hobby but now I enjoy more than before. I am slowly building my blogging into an income source that will enabled me to dedicate more and more time to it and eventually become a full-time blogger.

To find out more about my story, you can read it in the tab "About Lucky" on my website. You can also visit my Turntobehealthy.com blog post to have a look on my work.


  1. Hello Lucky,
    Thanks for sharing your story and some of your healthy solutions. I was so excited to see another person who has overcome illness and is able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My site is all about healthy living due to an illness that I experienced some years age and beat the odds. Enough about me I love your content and hope to hear more about your success in your sharing. You site is easy to follow and provides great information to your readers. It sure caught my eye.

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