8 Tweaks of Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night?

8 Tweaks of Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night?

Most health-conscious people searching on google about Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night? Here are the researched and reviewed points on the common causes of kidney pain. You’ll be able to identify types of pain if it’s kidney pain or not. If the kind of pain is so severe in such a way that you can’t hold one position sitting or get comfortable, it’s most probable kidneys.

We explored eight tweaks to why do my kidneys hurt at night.

Let’s start with it:

Why do my kidneys hurt at night?

Most health-conscious people searching on google about Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night? Here, I have researched and reviewed some points.

This article will review some points about why kidneys hurt or Kidney pain and when to call it a Back Pain or any other pain.

Now it’s time to wake up all people to know the Reality. If it is a Kidney pain, then what should we do? Else, what will be the possibility to Identify getting pain?

Before that, we should understand some basics, as quoted below.

What is a Kidney?


Kidneys in the human body are vital organs in the human body to perform Blood filtration, hormone control & regulation, and Urine formation.

What is Pain?

Pain means that our body is trying to tell us something is wrong happening in that part or area. You can feel this pain due to External Pressure (can be controlled by us) or Internal Irregularities (can’t be controlled by us).

Every person feels pain in different ways, at other times, and from different places. People will respond differently to aching pains.

You are possibly reading this because you think pain is coming from your kidneys. But this may not be the case. Your pain could be due to something else entirely or maybe other organ problems also.

When you feel pain or gets hurt, the above-explained basics should come in your mind. It empowers you to differentiate from other possible probing problems.

Here are other articles where I have explained in detail about kidney issues:

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What is Kidney Pain?

When you feel Intense pain from the backside or on the flank, as they connect to our nervous systems, which signal our brain at the time of abnormalities in kidneys’ functioning, known as Kidney Pain, in short, pain comes from the Kidneys.

This pain you may feel as an Injury in kidneys, a saturation of wastes or toxins which creates stones (AKA Kidney stones pain), kidney failure due to High Blood Pressure, and any other way like Chronic Kidney disease.

Similarly, the pain felt around Kidney areas, and Urine Drainage System gives acknowledgment of Kidney Pain. Otherwise, it could be another internal series of problems. You can feel kidney pain in either kidney or on both kidneys or in the flanks only.

If you feel such pain, you should reach nearby doctors, consult with them, and get confirmation about probable causes and remedies.

Doctors may ask you to get Blood and Urine Tests. If it’s unclear, further, they can suggest for Imaging Tests (MRI or CT-Scan, etc.). In these tests, doctors primarily look for GFR (Glomerular filtration rate), Creatinine (Serum creatinine test), Blood pressure levels, and the measurements’ bases. Doctors will decide the exact cause of kidney pain.

In most cases, Kidney pain categorized due to,

• Infectious Diseases

• Kidney Traumas

• Renal Obstructions

• Renal Tumors or Cysts

Let’s discuss this in more detail in the coming paragraphs.

Why do my Kidneys hurt at night?

The Primary answer to “why do my kidneys hurt at night” is almost explained in the first 2-3 paragraphs. Kidney pain could be sudden or acute.

You could also be dehydrated or fasting throughout the day or increased High Blood Pressure, or there may be other reasons as listed above.

1. Kidney Infections


Kidney infections usually caused by the following:

  • Bacteria
  • Concentration of unwanted toxic substances

The kidney infection can affect one or both kidneys at any point in the Ureters, Bladder, or Urethral opening.

If the infection is out of the kidney area and locates in the Ureter or Bladder areas, most infection rates pass to both the kidneys.

The Kidney pain due to these infections can appear suddenly or severely at any time. It may be day or night.

This type of infection would get developed between 2-7 days of the span, and symptoms include as follows,

• Loss of appetite

• Nausea

• vomiting

• Fatigue

• Flank Pain

• Confusion

• Periodic Urination

• Fever(higher than 102 Fahrenheit) and Feeling Cold/chilled (especially in summer)

• Foul-smelling, Foggy/Cloudy urine

• Pain while Urinating

At night, if you want to do a cross-verification about kidney pain, then you have the above symptoms, which tell you, “Why do my kidneys hurt at night.”

In this case, don’t get panic; relax and before going to bed again. Take lukewarm water (1-2 glasses), then sleep. In the morning, reach a kidney specialist and tell him/her about the symptoms you saw at night. Take good advice, and follow strict medications.

2. Kidney Traumas

The kidneys located at Dangerous posture of the human body, and Kidney traumas cause forceful impact or a penetrating wounding or injuries on one or both the kidneys.

This renal injury is commonly due to Vehicle accidents, physical assaults, falling from too high or forceful falling on the backside (Near Kidney Areas). These treatable, but it may give you long-lasting kidney pain.

3. Renal Obstructions

It makes blockage in the way of urination. This blockage would develop crystal-like substances called Kidney stones.

The cause of Renal blockage may come from any number of conditions, including:

• Blood clotting in Kidneys

• Kidney Stones

• Urinary Tract Infections(UTI)

• Bladder Stones

• Long-term Catheterization

• Nerve-related bladder weakness

• Cancers of – Prostate, Cervical, Uterine, Bladder, etc

The blockage, as mentioned above, would cause the kidney to swell. Symptoms typically include pain in the flank, groin, or abdomen, along with sweating, fever, cold, dysuria, urinary urgency, and nausea or decreased amount of urine output, etc.

These symptoms can vary from location to location and severity of the obstruction in the human body.

4. Renal Tumors or Cysts

We can say, just like a Cancer tumor. Renal tumors or cysts do not cause pain unless the tumors’ size has advanced or still large enough. Below three are the most common growth of irregularities include:

Renal adenoma: A type of benign tumor that can grow to a considerable size.

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC): A type of cancer usually starts in the kidneys’ tubules.

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD): An hereditary disorder in which amiable, fluid-filled cysts get multiplied throughout the kidneys.

In most cases, renal tumors, whether benign or cancerous, do not cause pain until their size compromises the kidney structure. PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) may also be symptom-free until cysts’ formation causes structural & functional damage to the kidney.

In addition to flank pain, usually in both kidneys, PKD may because of progressively concerning symptoms, including abdominal pain and swelling, headaches, high blood pressure, hematuria, recurrent kidney stones, recurrent UTIs, and renal failure.

Before it’s going too late, follow medications from time to time. You will live a healthy life. Otherwise, once kidneys get damaged, particularly the nephrons or capillaries available inside kidneys, you wouldn’t get another chance to repair it.

“Prevention is better than Cure.”

Why does my Right Kidney Hurt?

The Renal Tumors or Cysts happens commonly due to Renal Traumas or Obstructional disease. Maybe there is an obstruction like Kidney Stone or a Blood clot.

Kidney Pain on the right side of the kidney might also prompt rare conditions like Renal Vein Thrombosis (RVT) or Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Renal Vein Thrombosis (RVT) is a formation of clots in the vein that drains blood from the kidneys. It ultimately guides for cutting the drainage of one or both kidneys and the clot’s possible migration to other parts of the body.

Why do my Kidneys Hurt When I Wake up?

This problem is significantly related to Kidney patients only. If you have any kidney-related issues recently or in the past, your mind should ask you about “Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night.” And on the next morning, when you wake up, you will feel as same as night pain.

It could be the consequence of more prolonged disease in kidneys like a Kidney stone, Chronic Kidney Diseases. In this scenario, the patient would have developed high blood pressure also, as doctors could have prescribed him/her a medicine called Diuretics.

Sometimes increased blood sugar and blood pressure also an indication of hurting kidneys during the wake-up time.

To avoid such situations, always drink Hot water or lukewarm water 1 hour before bed at night and in the morning immediately when you wake-up. The suggestion of this trick is from Indian Ayurvedic Treatment. Try this and let me know by commenting below.

Is that a Kidney Pain or Any other Pain?

Back problems usually depend on your lower back work. Our kidneys are present just below it. If pain is felt intensive and more in-depth from the kidney part of your body than back pain, then it indicates a Kidney pain. The kidney pain will be in the upper half of your back, but not on the lower part. Unlike back discomfort, it’s felt on one or both flank, usually under your rib cage.


Take Good Care Of Your Kidneys

This article, designed to answer “Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night,” reviews some surveys and our meet up with kidney patients. My thoughts on this topic were to drive to a specific point of the pain.

Most people search on google about “Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night” is due to only kidney pain, not any other pain. So my concluding point is that if you feel pain from inside the kidney area, you must consult your doctor before being too late.

I have seen such patients who passed that day for some personal or office work but avoided to look into that matter. That never thought about “Why Do My Kidneys Hurt at Night, and slept again and again.” After a few days, they realized Acute Kidney Disease symptoms.

To avoid such scenarios, I would like to suggest, drink Luke Warm water for a whole day, no matter what season is there. Just drink if you don’t have an option at the time of pain. Drink lemon juice helps remove toxins in your body, including the kidneys, and drinks Purified water. You should ensure the amount of water you drink per day, and it should be 2-4 liters a day; it is better for any kidney problems. Too much water, when not active enough, can also hurt your kidneys. Here is a hydration tool from hydration for health to check yourself if you are drinking enough water or drinking too much water. It will help if your concern or issue is due to dehydration.


What does it mean if your kidneys are hurting?

Your kidneys hurting means it is behaving abnormally as compared to normal kidney functioning. It happens due to High blood pressure flow from nephrons capillaries.

This pain like sensation obtained through nerves attached to it with the spinal cord. Means, anything wrong happens to our internal organs, and it talks us through the pain. In this case, you have to be more specific about your kidney pain, which started, and you need to take some precautions before it’s too late.

What does it feel like when your kidneys hurt?

It may feel you like a dull ache, or at some point, it gives you Intense pain like somebody has shot you in your kidneys using a pistol. This type of kidney pain probably you will feel when walking or waking up in the morning.

People search on google “Why do my kidneys hurt at night?” and what will do at the time of pain?. Also, popularly we call this pain worse than the experience of given childbirth of pregnant women.

How can I check my kidneys at home?

The best way to check your kidneys’ health at home is by using Urine color, smell (Urine Test), or Blood Pressure Test. In the market, or even on the smartphone, you will get suitable apps to monitor your blood pressure or heartbeat level.

Urine tests and Blood Pressure checks are suitable for everyone to check without anyone’s help, but you should know about blood pressure and urine before that. If not, you can use smart technologies that will guide you to understand it.

How can I ease kidney pain?

• Follow doctors prescribed medications excluding Diuretic medicines

• Get proper dialysis treatment

• Drink enough water in each 15 min to 30 min, mostly Hot water or lukewarm water. You will get the best results.

• Apply warm or heat on that pain area.

• Eat healthy foods and stay away from animal proteins etc.

Can dehydration cause kidney pain?

Dehydration is the root cause of Kidney stones and Chronic Kidney Diseases. Water is the lifeline. Pure water decides our blood and toxic wastes purification and acts as a river to eliminate from our body. Your body should be hydrated at least 1 hour before going to bedtime or any activity.

Drinking enough water provides Oxygen, Energy, and acts as a transporter at a cellular level. Besides this, drinking Hot water or Lukewarm water is the best option for any patient; he/she may be a kidney patient or diabetic patient. It helps in the purification process.

How can I repair my kidneys naturally?

• Eat Healthy and Fresh fruits

• Drink Lemon Water and some time Coconut water.

• Eat Apple, Cranberries, Blueberries, etc.

• Don’t Smoke and Quit it as soon as possible

• Limit alcohol consumption

• Do daily 20 min exercise and yoga if possible.

• Be slim and fit as much as you can. Not too skinny, but fit for any work if given.

• Avoid late sleeping or get enough sleep.

• If you are a married person, do regular sex if you can, it indirectly helps a lot.

• Control your Blood Pressure


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